About US


RAVTE is committed to create and sustain an outstanding and renowned vocational and technical education network in Asia through shared vision, common interests, strong collaboration, trust, and openness, to benefit TVET education and manpower of the society.

Core values

  • Common interests on among RAVTE associates maximized the benefits to members through agre­­ed activities.
  • Strong collaboration is our attempt to collaborate nationally and regionally to innovate and maximize the benefits to TVET society.
  • Trust reflects how RAVTE network works. We believe and have faith in missions that benefit the society.
  • Openness reflects consideration and understanding that RAVTE treats and respects members and TVET people.



RAVTE’s mission is to emphasize the importance of TVET in general and VTE in particular at regional and national levels. RAVTE intends to support personnel development in order to enhance TVET quality and efficiency as well as fostering the ongoing integration activities and developments in East and Southeast Asian countries.



  1. Work-based vocational education with a special focus on public and private stakeholder engagement
  2. Enhancing TVET with regard to Digitisation and Automation (Industry 4.0)
  3. Encouraging Green TVET in order to promote green skills and green jobs
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